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Explore Dawn Hunter's Art Portfolios

Discover the enchanting world of Dawn Hunter's diverse artistic portfolios, each offering a unique glimpse into her creative explorations and exceptional talent. Unveil captivating portraits that reveal the spirit and essence of their subjects, or immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of Plein Air landscapes, expertly capturing nature's ever-changing moods. Delight in the meticulously crafted studies of Rodin sculptures and still-life drawings and paintings, showcasing the artist's keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to her daily artistic practice. Click on the icons to embark on an exploration through these unique collections, uncovering the artistry and passion that define Dawn Hunter's remarkable body of work. Click on "Learn More" buttons below to visit each portfolio's page.

This is a portrait of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter Darcy, a young African American girl and she is wearing long blue braids and gold hoop earrings.


Discover Dawn Hunter's compelling portrait collection, featuring cherished subjects from her life, work, and travels. Skillfully crafted to capture each individual's unique essence, these enchanting portraits invite you to explore the artist's exceptional talent in portraying the human spirit.

This is a Plein air landscape drawing by artist Dawn Hunter of large green leaf foliage at the South Carolina State Capital.


Embark on a visual journey through Dawn Hunter's Plein Air landscapes, inspired by the picturesque locations of South Carolina and Spain. Each artwork captures the essence and beauty of these diverse regions, immersing viewers in the vibrant colors and textures of nature. Explore these bewitching landscapes and appreciate the artist's exceptional skill in bringing the world's scenic wonders to life on canvas.

This is a study of an Auguste Rodin sculpture by artist Dawn Hunter. The image shows to figures embracing.

Rodin Studies

Welcome to Dawn Hunter's riveting Rodin studies, a collection of meticulous drawings created through direct observation of sculptures in museums and galleries over two decades. Explore these intriguing interpretations that pay homage to Rodin's genius while inspiring the artist's long-term compositions.

This is a still-life drawing by artist Dawn Hunter of springtime wild flowers in a mason jar vase. The vase is places in front of a screen window.


Uncover the charming world of Dawn Hunter's still-life collection, showcasing a delightful variety of subjects, from vibrant wildflowers in vases to nostalgic childhood treasures, such as stuffed animals, figurines, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Barbies. Each artwork captures the essence and character of the subjects with intricate details and evocative colors. Dive into this engaging collection that celebrates the beauty and whimsy of everyday objects through the artist's skilled and imaginative eye.

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