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Learn about Dawn Hunter's artistic career and teaching endeavors.

Dawn Hunter Artist_Portrait of Dawn Hunter_University of South

Dawn Hunter has been professionally creating and exhibiting artwork for over two decades, with each body of work attracting its own distinct audience. To help her audience and galleries keep track of the various artworks, she has designed websites for specific series, such as her Santiago Ramón y Cajal series on and her Spectacle Spectacular, Darcy Inventory, and Dolly Parton series on These respective web "homes" ensure that her audience and galleries can always find the artworks they are interested in.

Her "Daily Drawings and Paintings" website features personal artworks that are not necessarily tied to any one series. Dawn Hunter lives her life through the experience of creating art, with her drawing and painting practice being essential to her daily routine. It is how she knows and relates to the world. Some days Dawn creates one drawing, while on others, she may create as many as ten. These drawings depict her immediate surroundings, such as landscapes or people she knows. Although there are too many of these drawings to showcase in one place, her website features four portfolio links, Portraits, Landscapes, Still Lifes and Interiors and Rodin Studies, which serve as a sampling of her drawings and paintings. Collectively, they represent an accurate overview of her daily practice.

Dawn Hunter is a visual artist with a diverse range of skills and influences. Throughout her academic career, she has strived to hone her expertise in the creative arts and become a well-rounded professional. She uses her background in observational painting, art education, and video production to create works of art that are diaristic and resonate everyday experiences. Hunter has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in venues such as the Instituto Cajal, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Berkeley Art Center, Brown University, Whittier College, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, University of Montana and SCOPE New York. She has also been awarded residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, the Cooper Union, NYC, and the Royal Academy Schools, London, England. Her work is in the collections of the University of South Carolina and the LaGrange Art Museum.


As a young artist, Dawn knew she wanted to pursue her education at some of the top art schools in the United States. She was accepted to the Kansas City Art Institute, where she earned her BFA, and then to the University of California, Davis, where she completed her MFA. She has received several awards and grants, including a Starr Foundation Fellowship to the Royal Academy of Arts, London and a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research at the Instituto Cajal, Madrid, Spain. She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

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